Travel with Sole

Red, Blue and Bold

Fashion | August 15th 2018

Give us a path untraveled and we will christen it because travel is the only real antidote to a mundane existence. It acts like a balm when your mind gets too crowded and your ears start to ring from all the negative noise issuing forth from around you.

Our tips for an unforgettable adventure would be to first pick some one brilliant to travel with; some one like-minded and positive. Negative people need drama like they need oxygen so let your positivity take their breadth away. But we can save that for another day.

Pack wisely because if you are anything like us , you want to wear cute clothes but you need to stay light on the luggage weighing scale. So our trick is to pack things we can share to create more looks with fewer pieces packed. This should be a mix of accessories like head bands, scarves , hats and sunnies which change a look with little to no effort, a few statement pieces like these pearl covered jeans on MI and several basic versatile pieces like these flared denims on SU and the two shirts we have on. You would be surprised how many looks can be made from just ten to fifteen pieces in total!

And last but not least, comfortable yet cute shoes are a must. We usually leave the sky high stilettos at home but small chic heels like these red puppies on SU or unique flats like these black and blue babies on MI always make it on the list.

So remember, travel is good for the soul and that’s the only thing we leave the earth with so treat yours with love , care and adventure.

Outfits on MI and SU – Zoomberg
Shoes – Charles and Keith