To Live life with Great Elan

Crossing borders making waves

Fashion | May 13th 2018

As children, we stumble through the days with zest and zeal; in constant pursuit of entertainment. It hardly matters who is watching or silently criticizing because our life is our own.

With age however comes a need to restrain the imagination in order to perform a role.  We become businesswomen, pilots, doctors, mothers, wives; musicians …… typecast and boxed up into a life we are told we should be living.

But each one of us is so much more than the roles we play and each tiny facet of our being needs to be celebrated.

There are so many different, vivid colors we can paint into our lives and it may take a visit from our inner child to give us the courage to pick up the brush.

Live with gusto, live with all your might and you will find there is magic still in the world even when you are all grown up.

Wearing Èlan’s 2018 Lawn Collection Photography by Tanvi Vora