The silver dress

The quiet elegance of that perfect shade of silver

Fashion | April 19th 2019

I used to think that silver was a hard color to pull off, mainly because I had never found the perfect shade of silver to compliment my skin tone. Gold is a color that seems to be made for Indian skin but silver can get a touch tricky.

Well, that is until I found this baby, which not only fits like a glove but is that perfect shade of silver; balanced beautifully between sparkly and subtle.
Don’t get me wrong, I love me some bling but I also love the quiet elegance of certain garments that have the power to turn heads without making too much noise.

I was out in Provence during summer last year and given how late the sun would set (around 10 pm), getting ready for a night out or for a fancy dinner was getting confusing because look how bright it was out at 8 30 pm !!
I still had my heart set on this dress so I put it on, took a big swig of confidence and headed out. We decided to walk to dinner and ended up stopping for ice cream along the way.. a little pre-meal treat.

Such simple moments can sometimes be the most special and this evening right here, spent in Provence with my friends eating ice cream just so happened to be one of them.

Dress courtesy – Hey Girl
Photographer Mohit Varu