Louboutin Story

The shoes carry the woman

Fashion | May 13th 2018

You know, you really can’t go wrong with a good old all black ensemble especially when you plan is to shake up your usual Netflix weekend routine with a serious night out on the town with Bae.

All black is such a dependable choice, like the effects of Spanx when you feel bloated or a tub of mint chip when you need a pick me up. It’s that over trained soldier who hangs at the back waiting to swoop in and save the day when the rest of the troops are beat down and defeated.

Us ladies can often be overly critical of ourselves, its an unfortunate effect of nature and nurture in the 21st century. God knows SU and I had those days where nothing, and I mean nothing seems to work. We begin the night thinking, “This weekend, under no circumstances will we wear black again”. This then flows into a tidal wave of a Sweetest Thing (the movie) style montage, a hurricane of digging through and flinging up garments until we are already half an hour late for the engagement and standing half naked in a fashion war zone.

Then, something dark and glowey catches our eye,  like a beacon of hope peaking out of its blood red wrappings.

The Black Louboutins around which ensembles just fall into line because the shoe maketh the outfit.

There is no tool more powerful than the sexy black stiletto to renew one’s spirits, who cares if you wore black last weekend, it all comes down to the styling and with the Loubs on…. heads will turn for all the right reasons.

A woman who carries her head up high but the shoes carry the woman and Christian Louboutins can carry me anywhere.