The Girls of today

As recognized by Gaurav Gupta

Fashion | October 21st 2018

We are the women of today. There are glass ceilings challenging us ever so often but we’ve shattered them with our hard work and hustle.

Sometimes we are fierce, ready to take on the challenges of the day. At other times, we are full of poise and elegance.
Don’t mistake our mild modesty for subservience. We are bold when the need arises and flowing with femininity when the time demands. There are many different facets to us. Each has a story worth telling.

Aside from our many aspirations; both spiritual and career wise, we do love nice things and does it really get any better than Hermes? This timeless brand stands as a kind of beacon of achievement to us; only deserved when it is earned. With the big 30 around the corner, looking back at the wonderful journey we have been on; we finally feel like we have arrived so we will do it in style.

Gaurav Gupta found this story and implemented it in his collection; creating some of the most gorgeous outfits, fit for the women of today. With flattering silhouettes and new-age cuts, every outfit was made to perfectly frame the body, its no wonder we love him and his genius so !

We were impressed with the thought put into the designing and detailing. Blending structured silhouettes with flowy, fuss-free outfits—one thing seemed to be clear—Gaurav clearly understood us. And we were proud to be GG Girls. Ready to take on the world, its stereotypes …gender gaps and patriarchy with a whole lot of confidence and style. Xx