The Art of Stacking

Fashion | November 29th 2018

As kids, we all remember raiding our mom’s jewellery boxes and prancing around the house layered in bling. But let’s face it, overdoing jewellery might have looked cute when we were two feet tall with baby fat; now not so much!

1.The first rule isto follow the KISS philosophy. Which is basically Keep it Simple, Stupid. (What were you thinking hmm?) 2.Small pieces of delicate jewellery go a long way! Buy them separately and string them together to make a statement. It allows you tobe versatile with your look.

3.Pick any three petite bracelets like the ones Su is sporting by Kaj Fine Jewellery and pair them with a couple of rings and midi rings made with precious stones of varying colours. 4.A simple pendant togo with the stack on your wrists looks gorgeous. But you can also layer itup with a cute choker, depending on the look you’re going for.

5.Never shy away from experimenting with your jewellery. 6.Invest in timeless pieces of high quality so even when you are going simple with your accessories, they will always look rich.

Hope these insider tips helped you pick your favourite stack.

And if you’re still confused, check out Kaj Jewellery to pick the ones Mi and Su chose for themselves.

You’re welcome!