Qui vivra verra – She who lives, shall see

With jewelry as beautiful as a French summer

Fashion | November 13th 2018

The day Mi and Su walked the cobblestone streets of Provence, a cool breeze caressed their skin and a phrase rang out from a near by open market. Itsounded familiar …. Qui Vivra Verra , not really knowing what it meant but loving how it felt like music to their ears.

Their accessories by Isharya merged so perfectly with their ensembles. They shone under the French sun as they happened upon a divine little café which seemed to have appeared right out of nowhere almost magically.

“This is life” Mi thought
“This is life” Su said…
But really, they came to realise that this was serendipity.
As they settled into the cozy café, eating and chattering away tthey heard someone say ‘Qui Vivra Verra’ again.Turning to see where the voice came from, they asked in cohesion, “What does this mean? It meant—She who lives, shall see…

They were seeing a new side of the world, wearing jewellery as beautiful as the French summer, and living one delicious moment at a time…