Happily Flawed

SHAZE Accessories to lift up ensembles and moods

Fashion | September 5th 2018

Dear Reader, Today we want to get real with you all because you have followed our journey for many years now and some of you might have a very wrong impression of who we are.

We are like you! Shocking right ….. behind the veil of social media and some carefully created posts, we are no different from you all.

We too feel anger and fear, have scars and cellulite. We have our flaws, some we accept and some we try to hide behind insecurity fueled denial or intelligently styled outfits. It is all part of being human but what does help is the shared sense of wanting to be the best versions of our selves so everyone we come across in person or digitally can be positively influenced in some way (if even just a tiny bit).

Happy people make a happy world and happiness comes from self-acceptance.

But life does have a knack throwing a curve bowl every now and then, which can be quite a downer; for moments like these we pull out the big guns- our passports and our SHAZE accessories.

I truly believe that these resort style jewels can improve and dress up almost any ensemble you have on with the least bit of effort.

On our trip to Aix en Provence, SU and I had to travel very light so we needed to select accessories which could be both versatile and striking; able to brighten up a banal outfit or a dull mood in a flash.

Black gold and white are the most versatile colors in the world so ofcourse we had to include these sets in our France wardrobe.

See for yourself how a casual daytime ‘city tour’ look can translate to a stylish evening at a French bistro.