Free Spirit

Dior Cruise 2019 RTW

Fashion | November 17th 2018

The horse is most certainly my spirit animal; gentle yet powerful… beautiful, bold and full of grace. We too are never just one thing but an amalgamation of many and that is exactly what Maria Grazia Chiuri Is celebrating with this collection.

We all have a warrior within us and it is she who drives us on even when our path seems impossible or the fall seems like it could break us.

In the sun we see her basking,
Dressed in golden light,
Entrust in her the everlasting,
Strength to win the fight,
Because they will come a knocking,
Helms on and swords held high,
The stallions will be flocking,
To stand sentinel at her cry.

I write this verse , not my first by any means but I haven’t written poetry in many many years and I am fairly private about them.

I suppose I was inspired by this collection and the journey we took to create these images for you all. I hope you all enjoy this article and I would like to give a special shout out to Ritika Dattani and her gorgeous steed, Ice Cutter.

Love MI