Sun Protection has never looked better

Fashion | October 15th 2018

I envy those who can just take off on an adventure with nothing but the bag on their backs and the scent of adventure under their noses.

It takes a certain kind of bold personality that allows a person to freely set out in the world un burdened by any self made hang ups or fears.

I don’t think I am that person and suffice to say that company is always better as far as we are concerned. There is no better joy than travelling the world with your best friend!!

We have been very fortunate in our line of work; having been given so many opportunities to travel together and no matter where we go, we always take certain essentials along for the ride.

On our recent trip to France, we journeyed from Provence to Paris and ended ourtrip in Lake Como, taking on the fearless French sun with our VERSACE sunglasses.

Sun protection has never looked better !!