Dress like you mean it

How to brighten up a gloomy day

Fashion | April 26th 2019

Fashion week made it onto my radar pretty late in life; during my second year of University in the United States to be exact. Only when I started to study Fashion Merchandising did I begin to dream of someday being able to travel the world experiencing the best of fashion.

I have several trips lined up for the next few months, each requiring vastly different
wardrobes for vastly different weather forecasts.

Being in Bombay at this moment I can’t help but dream of the deliciously nippy weather we
had in Paris during our first season of PFW.

Yes, there were some gloomy moments when the clouds came and shed a few tears for the
end of the season, but when the sun came out – Uff it was poetic!

It’s best to brighten up a gloomy day with bright prints and lively colors which is exactly
what SU did. You can take a pretty dress and add a bit of edge by throwing on a leather
jacket and some boots.. maybe even some faux fur if you really want to make a statement.

Dress- Neha Taneja
Jacket – Zara
Photographer- Rahul Jhangiani