Dior Made me Do It

Don’t break the mold, set it ablaze

Fashion | August 24th 2018

Great artists are driven by emotion; Heroes too for that matter. So when people doubt our power because we are women and prone to giving into emotions, to them I say “ Look again and you will see the fire burning in my eyes, hot and fierce; ready to burn its mark into history.

In the sixties, they say we got liberated and yet we have to raise our voices to gain some of the most fundamental rights in our own country. Where is the logic in that? We have the right to vote but the right to dress as we please is constantly called into question, sometimes by our own sex.

Let’s shatter barriers and slay the dragons that try to block our path because the future is female after all.

Inspired by a series of photographs of Nikki De Saint Phalle (a renowned French – American sculptress) Maria Grazia Chiuri who is the brilliant Artistic Director of the women’s wear collection at Dior created the RTW Spring Summer 2018 collection. This collection is a delicious mélange of whimsy with its sheer layers and iconic embroidery patchwork mixed with monochrome polka dots + checks with mosaic and strong structure.

Here androgyny is deliberately mixed with romance to give you a collection that morphs to suit your every, changeable mood.
We refuse to limit our selves to a stereotype; we don’t just break the mold… we set it ablaze.

Dressed head to toe in DIOR ETÈ 2018
Photographer- Tanvi Vora
Location- Drinkery 51
Hair and Makeup – Bianca B
Props- The Popcorn Company