Cane you do it?

Cane is not only for picnic baskets and hats

Fashion | April 18th 2019

The Boho- beachy trend is taking over right now and you can’t seem to enter a store without being confronted by some kind shell, cane or crochet situation. I suppose you could say we saw it coming given how the girls styled these looks in Provence mid last year.

But you could also say chic cane bags are somewhat timeless if you know how to style them well. But don’t be daunted; it can be a fairly simple task as long as you keep the looks breezy and fuss free.

Whether you plan to wear prints or solids, a cane bag is a nice touch to add a rustic flair to your chic ensemble.

And given that your bag is cane, it holds up pretty well during a freak rain shower ( we learnt from experience ).
Here is a little tip, Pair your look with some cute hair accessories when adding the cane bag to make your look extra cute, or tie a scarf on the bag itself- you wont be sorry.

Bag: Rad Project
On MI- Hey Girl and Promod
On SU- R Dalamal