A Life well Lived

Is a Life worth living - HERMES

Fashion | September 4th 2018

I recently read this line in a book, “ the best revenge is a life well lived” and it truly struck a chord with me. We all seem to spend so much of our time seething or whimpering over someone who may have wronged us in some way. Now imagine if we gathered all that time and energy only to focus it on doing something great- how much good we could do!

We all have our own interpretations of what success means to us; to some it may mean a big family, to others wealth or power while some aspire to work as successful protectors of the earth. Whatever your chosen goal, a life well lived is a life worth living.

Aside from our many aspirations; both spiritual and career wise, we do love nice things and does it really get any better than Hermes? This timeless brand stands as a kind of beacon of achievement to us; only deserved when it is earned. With the big 30 around the corner, looking back at the wonderful journey we have been on; we finally feel like we have arrived so we will do it in style.

Quality and craftsmanship is what Hermes is known for and these are qualities we hold dear when choosing a luxury product.

The looks we created here are both timeless, classic and yet make a statement. Now all that is missing is that iconic Kelly bag and we are all set to take on the next big phase of HOM