A Knotting Story

Find your own scarf personality

Fashion | May 12th 2018

From my young days, I have such vivid memories of mum, getting ready to go out. It was like watching a dancer and an artist all at once as she arched to apply her lipstick in one smooth motion, flipped her hair and then sashayed across the room like a ballerina to her closet where she kept her treasures.

This was my favorite part, watching her thoughtfully choose the right scarf for the occasion and style it to perfection. Sometimes it would go around her neck like a sheath and fall straight, sometimes she would tie it into a bow, other times it would be placed over her shoulder in a neat line. If she ever left her cupboard unattended, I would sneak in like a little mouse and bury my face in her scarves, smelling her perfume and taking in the brilliant colors and patterns.

Till date, scarves hold an important place in our hearts and in our closets. They are as timeless as the sun and can be styled to suit any and every personality. To pay homage to the eternal scarf, SU and I have worked with HERMES to create this KNOTTED campaign.

Find your own scarf personality by perusing the HERMES Knotting cards.

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