A Girl in Pink

Reviving my great love for pink

Fashion | April 19th 2019

Fashion week made it onto my radar pretty late in life; during my second year of University in the United States to be exact. Only when I started to study Fashion Merchandising did I begin to dream of someday being able to travel the world experiencing the best of fashion.

Paris, New York, London, Milan .. became beacons of light for me while trudging through the grueling hours I had to put into doing my merchandising projects.

There was a time, albeit a very brief time; when I thought I would study fashion design and be one of the names walking down the ramp –applauded for my fashion genius. It didn’t take me long after that to realize I was more of a tastemaker than a fashion designer.

There is a feeling of great honor when you get to put on a garment designed painstakingly by a designer to show the world, especially when that designer is Indian and you’re wearing it during Paris Fashion Week.

This remains one of my most memorable looks (after my wedding looks of course) and one of my most memorable shoots because I actually had my dad with me on this trip since I had the viral and insisted I had to be in Paris.
So I dedicate this story to my father who came with me not only to Paris but stayed with me during this shoot to make sure I was ok.
I suppose even at 30 I will always be his baby.

Outfit Courtesy – Amit Aggarwal
Photographer – Odrida (in Paris)