Weekend Vibes in Cape Town

With SU on Honeymoon

Travel | September 30th 2018

Saturday’s reveal a lot about a city—because it’s on a Saturday that most people really switch from work mode to ‘me’ mode. You let your hair down and do what you love. Which is why SU was so excited to plan her Saturday tracking the true pulse of Cape Town, and believe us… it was THRIVING!

A little bit of research and a whole lot of recommendations led her to the V&A Waterfront. Fun fact: this place is the most visited destination in South Africa.

Obviously, they were curious to find out why it was really such a big deal. And to be honest, it totally lived upto the hype. Besides being this mini wonderland for shopaholics (they have five shopping districts!), it had a mesmerizing vibe.

You name it and they had it. The Alfred Mall and Pierhead was full of the most amazing art and jewellery. And all that cardio while shopping and site-seeing got them hungry for more—quite literally. The restaurants had the prettiest views of the harbour but what interested them most was the V&A Food Market.

The local produce, native delicacies, breads and craft beers looked so tempting (Arnav has a super soft spot for beer). For those of you who love froyos as much as Su does, you must swing by Yokos. For SU and her hubby, it was a Saturday worth remembering in an unforgettable city… making them fall in love with Cape Town a little more.