She sells sea shells on the sea shore

Part 1

Travel | September 26th 2018

So many people run the risk of satisfying our wonder lust by staring at a screen, bums rooted to the couch; spectacular destinations reduced to screensavers and postcards.
We refuse to live this way, which is what compelled us to pack our suitcases and travel the world in the hopes that it might inspire all of you to do the same.

One of the most magical places we have visited in 2017 is The Seychelles and for all of you who think it is overrated or only for honeymooners, prepare to be convinced otherwise.
With SU’s wedding drawing ever nearer, it was time for a MISU holiday.

We began our adventure on October 20th 2017, when we landed in Mahè on Air – Seychelles, the airport is a testament to the island life; equipped with planes of all sizes set against an endless expanse of blue. From the airport, we made our way by car to our luxury villa within Eden Island.
Eden Island is a private enclosure made up of luxury apartments and villas all decked out beautifully for anyone willing to buy a piece of paradise. Residents would travel between the clubhouse, beach, tennis court and hotel etc on their own charming buggies. Quite an idyllic situation and I for one wouldn’t mind spending a few months of the year here.

After settling in and freshening up, we headed over to Beau Vallon Beach which is chock full of activity for those who love water sports. With our Go Pro Hero 5 in hand, we were ready for an action packed day.
Our very first parasailing experience was absolutely bad-ass (after you get over the initial terror ofcourse) . Pulled by what feels like a divine force, we suddenly found our selves floating over the shimmering blue sea comfortably strapped into what feels like your very own swing. I could have stayed up there all day.

To counter the gentle flight of parasailing, we swung atop a jet ski (2 to 1) to test our courage directly on the waves rather than several feet above it. SU’s bravery lasted only so long and we were back at shore fairly soon but Boy! Was it amazing while it lasted.
That same night we enjoyed a fresh and delicious Japanese meal at Coral Asia Sushi Restaurant right on the beach. Then Bed and …..Z

The following day we head over to Constance Ephelia Hotel for some leisure and lunch. The moment you enter this property it just takes your breath away and we were already fairly breathless from taking in the general overwhelming beauty of this island. The first thing we did was head over to the white sand beach, idyllic with its swings ensconced in lush greenery.
After a sumptuous feast at the award winning hotel restaurant, we head to town for the world famous Creole festival parade.

This is a festival which celebrates the true spirit of the island through parades, music, art shows, stalls and food and is truly a treat for the senses. We experienced the parade stationed in the VIP zone at first but then decided to follow it into town. That’s when we got hit smack dab in the face with true Creole energy. There were floats celebrating African , Indian and Chinese culture to name a few which are strong influencers of the Creole way of life.
That evening, with our hearts full and energy levels depleted, we head back to the hotel to pack for our next adventure in Seychelles.
Which means you guys need to wait for part 2 .