She sells sea shells on the sea shore

Part 2

Travel | September 27th 2018

The thing I love most about the Seychelles is its people. Not only are they enigmatic and full of life but also they respect the little piece of heaven they have been blessed with, dedicated to the preservation and conservation of their Flora and Fauna (as far as we could tell anyway).

I got a little off track there; lets get back to the adventures at hand. It was the 29th of October and we were off to the domestic airport to catch a seaplane to take us to Praslin Island. A thrilling and enchanting 15 minutes later we arrived and head to Acajou Beach resort. Our room was super cute and a mere 10 steps away from the beach, so close that we could see the little crabs scampering around in the sand.

This was a historic day indeed as this was the day I fell in love with the big, beautiful ocean and all those within it. This was the day we went snorkeling and it was MAGIC.

Pitous Excursions took us to St Pierre for some snorkeling first and the second we dipped our masked faces under the surface of the water we were transported. There was an explosion of colour and activity as schools of fish buzzed past us without so much as tickling a hair on our bodies. We spent a good part of the day half immersed taking in all the majesty, spotting Octopus, large Starfish and fish of every colour imaginable.

We began our adventure on October 20th 2017, when we landed in Mahè on Air – Seychelles, the airport is a testament to the island life; equipped with planes of all sizes set against an endless expanse of blue. From the airport, we made our way by car to our luxury villa within Eden Island.
Eden Island is a private enclosure made up of luxury apartments and villas all decked out beautifully for anyone willing to buy a piece of paradise. Residents would travel between the clubhouse, beach, tennis court and hotel etc on their own charming buggies. Quite an idyllic situation and I for one wouldn’t mind spending a few months of the year here.

It’s hardly surprising that our backs were much darker than our fronts.
But since we had an itinerary to follow (and the hunger pangs were setting in) we head over to Curieuse Island to visit the gentle giant Tortoises and have a barbecue lunch. Definitely something you should all do when you visit the Seychelles.
I have never been one to get carried away by “the most beautiful” anything because I feel that beauty truly is in the eyes of the bolder. As the Grinch rightly said, “ One mans toxic waste is another man’s potpourri.”

The following day, our visit to La Digue Island; host to one of the worlds most spectacular beaches changed my perception on the latter.
Anse Source d’Argent truly is a sight to behold with dazzling golden white sand splattered with imposing granite formations and dressed with palm trees …. It takes your breath away.

It’s easy to find your self a private little cove or a school of glistening fish to feed. Every corner has an animated peddler selling fresh, sweet coconut, smoothies or cut fruit.
The rest of the island is charming too with people riding around on bicycles or buggies visiting the tortoise enclosures or vanilla plantation.

After a revitalizing lunch at Fish Trap, we got onto the Ferry and Head back to Praslin Island for a golf lesson at Hotel Constance Lemuria.

We had a bit of beginners luck on the green much to everyone’s amazement before we head down to the hotel beach Anse Georgette for a sunset toast to the majesty of the Seychelles and friendship everlasting.

The following day we hopped onto a boat and head over to Cerf Island where I learnt a valuable lesson, when snorkeling in the open water for 45 minutes, fins are always a good idea.

The Cerf Island resort was a stunning property with sprawling villas and a fantastic infinity pool overlooking the beach. After a day spent snorkels on visiting the coral farms, we spend the evening paddling our kayak into the sunset. The darkening waters beneath were a little unsettling for SU but all in all, it was a very successful day.
We spent the last day getting massages, playing board games and enjoying the scenery before getting whisked back to a hectic reality.

Whether you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover or someone just looking for some down time, we highly recommend you put The Seychelles on your list.