Experience Oman

For those looking to enrich their souls as well as their bellies

Travel | June 29th 2019

Why do you travel?
Are you seeking new adventures or are you seeking to find yourself? No matter what your intentions might be, some places embrace you with the full force of their culture and hospitality, allowing you to truly find yourself amidst the sea of activity. Oman for us was one such an unforgettable trip.

Before I pull you headfirst into our story, let me tell you a little bit about the Sultanate of Oman. It is exactly as it sounds, an Arab country controlled by its Sultan who by the way is most beloved. His name is Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said and he is responsible for making the small yet enigmatic country into the bustling, beautiful, destination it is today.

The thing we found most fascinating about Oman is that you can be up in the mountains one day and scuba diving in pristine waters the next. Or you could be Glamping in the golden deserts one day and exploring the bright, bustling city markets the next. It’s a sensory explosion whatever direction you choose to go and we tried to explore them all.

We began our adventure at Dunes by Al Nahda, which is an enchanting property in the desert, offering its guests fully equipped luxury tents to stay in. The resident camel was a true charmer and the dune buggies left us more jostled than we would like to admit; all ingredients for two very memorable nights.

From the well-toasted deserts, we went to the mountains of Oman- to Anantara Al Jabal Akhdar to be exact. This is one of those luxury hotels that take a very hands-on- boutique hotel kind of approach, making every guest feel like family. The weather was several degrees lower and the view was to die for. If you are a bit of an adrenalin junkie or just want to do something a bit adventurous, the hotel offers all kinds of activities. We did a bit of rock climbing ourselves and it was positively invigorating. It’s such a wonderful feeling conquering your fear and coming out the other side stronger for it.

Given that it was SU’s 30th birthday while we were here, the team secretly plotted to smuggle Arnav into the hotel to surprise SU and boy was she surprised!

Once Arnav was shipped back to Mumbai, we made our way to the city center where we stayed at the Muscat Kempinski Hotel which overlooks the Arabian Sea.

We spent this part of our trip exploring the spice markets and enjoying the wonderful amenities of the hotel. No matter your craving, the Kempinski can help you satiate it because they have a ton of restaurants in house from Indian to Thai!

We also headed out to the sea one morning in order to catch the dolphins in action. I am sad to say that it was overcast and rainy that day but we did see many schools of dolphin dancing with the waves.

The week went by in the blink of an eye but because of the vast variety of experiences, our souls felt enriched. And if that’s not enough, their Dates are pure bliss so our bellies were pretty enriched too.