A field of dreams

Made only more dazzling by Isharya

Travel | October 22nd 2018

In a field far far away, they watched the sun setting into a sea of lavender. The winds whispered sweet nothings into their ears. The bees were buzzing sonorously almost in celebration of the season and it wasn’t so much of a noise as it was a feeling they seemed to have created and shared.

MI and SU inhaled, the air was thick and delicious with the scent of lavender as the stalks swayed with the wind. Before I go any further, let me impress upon you all that I am merely the messenger and I have not embellished any of these wondrous experiences… now let’s continue!

This was truly something out of ones dreams; made only more dazzling by the Isharya Jewels they were shooting with that day. The sunlight danced on the pearl and glass mang tika’s which dressed their heads, a gust of wind nearly blew SU’s delicate one right off.

In this collection, the mix of glass and pearl works together so well; that perfect balance of classic and modern, giving you a collection of accessories which work for both western and Indian wear seamlessly.

They ended the day with pebbles and stray dry hay in our shoes and hair but it was all well worth it to spend a day in a Lavender scented haven.