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How to give your room a makeover the easy way

Living | April 6th 2019

As a newly engaged 27 year old, I didn’t know the first thing about living with a man. I do have a younger brother but I grew up sharing a room with my older sister who didn’t have too many opinions about room décor; thus allowing various tones of pink and purple to remain our constant companions.

My mother had absolute control over what was used to cover the bed and apart from adding a stray throw pillow and stuff toy, we didn’t really interfere.
So when it came to the point where I had to plan and design my new living quarters with Sid, I hadn’t the faintest idea how to go about it.

He was all about the blues and dark browns while I fancied the Mauves and greys. Coming to a mutual decision on the color palette of our bedroom seemed next to impossible.

That is until I discovered the wondrous power of bed linens!
It is astounding how easily one can switch up the mood of a bedroom by merely changing ones bed linens because beautiful, solid colors never go out of trend.
This is the path, which led me to the Vibgyor rage by Portico that specializes in smartly packaged, quality bed linens that come in a wide range of solid colors.
I can literally change the vibe in my bedroom based on my mood .. or based on Sid’s mood … since we do share a room now!

You too can explore their collection here.