The little bud that blossomed

Living | August 8th 2018

If you are lucky when you grow up you gain perspective. You look back at your
childhood and you see people for what they truly are and some of them shine brighter than the rests.

My mother is nothing short of a super hero and even if I spent everyday of the rest of my life trying to repay her for all her support and sacrifice… I will still fall short. I took so much of what she did for granted (as a lot of us do); like the countless times she stayed up with me while I studied for exams, brewing cinnamon coffee sprinkled with words of encouragement, she taught me to climb trees and to stand up stronger when I fell off, she never let me feel like I was limited and everything I am, I owe to her.

For one as generous as her, she asks for nothing in return but time.

Hence I vow to spend as much time as I can with my spectacular mother doing what I can to express my gratitude and flowers are a great way to start.

That’s where Interflora comes in because it gave me the opportunity to pick the perfect blooms, each one special and unique just like my mum…

A simple flower has so much power; it can bring so much joy.

My mum absolutely adored the flowers from Interflora and the handwritten note they came with. And that right there is my reward, her smile.