Tea time at SU’s

How do you take your tea?

Living | October 13th 2019

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just felt like throwing a smashing tea party ?

I suppose it’s part and parcel of being a 30 year old married woman but I have seriously started to enjoy my time spent at home entertaining my loved ones. I have been playing hostess for as far back as I can remember, the only difference now is that my guests these days are less toy and more human.

I take pride in my table set up so obviously I accept nothing less than perfection. Every element has to work together in harmony, from the gorgeous tableware to the elegant printed menus and place cards. I am aiming for a sensational sensory experience for each of my guests from the moment they enter.

The newest edition to my home is the Brewmaster from the Shaze Hosting Collection and to tell you the truth, its kind of the reason I felt inspired to host this tea party in the first place !

God knows it makes a delicious cup of tea but aside from that it also makes for a stunning centre piece. The built in timer helps you brew that perfect pot of tea every time no matter your tea preference.

The entire Shaze Hosting Collection has been crafted with the expertise of international design expert Seymourpowell and consists of beautiful Barware and Brew-ware. Each piece is designed such that it can be both minimal yet oppulant allowing you to truly elevate how you host.

It helps you set the stage for unforgettable experiences for you and your guests.
I am pretty happy with how my little tea party turned out and I have no doubt that the true hero of this affair is my Brewmaster.

Ok now it’s time for tea.

Cin Cin !!

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