Pillow Talk

Living | December 4th 2018

Marriage changes you as a person. And in ways you can’t imagine. For instance, before marriage, you’re all about shopping for the latest trends in fashion, make-up, jewellery and so on. But after marriage, it’s almost like a switch goes on and you suddenly find yourself drifting towards the home decor stores with your credit card already out.

This is exactly what happened to Mi and Su! And the more we observed their peculiar change in shopping habits, the more we realised that the girls really were on to something. Being in such close proximity to them, some of these new founded traits and loves rubbed off on the rest of us too. For instance we learnt that throw pillows are truly remarkable when used correctly.

While it might sound like a funny interest to have, throw pillows are a low-investment, highly- effective accessory to add to your bedrooms that can add a lot of character with little effort.

Don’t hesitate to mix sizes, shapes, prints and symmetries. You can arrange them to fill up the headboard in front of the sleeping stack or just layer as you like. Whatever you do, just make sure the colours compliment more than clash to keep a clean, cozy environment for the bedroom.

Who would’ve thought dressing up your bed would be as much fun as dressing up your body.


*Pillows and home decor pieces from AA living