In bed with SU

Living | January 29th 2019

I am so excited to welcome you guys into my bedroom which is basically an extension of me. You will find all kinds of knick knacks and paddy whacks around here ranging from candles to keepsakes but my favorite space in the room will always be my bed.

I like to do most things prostrate like eating, reading, sleeping and oftentimes even working with my laptop strategically balanced on my belly.
So its no wonder I take extra pains to ensure my bed nook is not only cozy but also mentally stimulating.

Now here we are at SU CASA, enjoying some much-needed downtime on my bed, which this month I have ensconced in 100% eco-friendly bed linens from the Stripe Me, collection picked from LIVA Home by PORTICO. This print spoke to me because not only does it add a pop to my bedroom but also fairly gender neutral, which is important when you share a room with a testosterone filled man.

The fabric is statement, super soft, breathable and anti static allowing for comfortable sleep and a chic looking bedroom.

I adore dressing up my bed and playing with different colors, themes and prints. It is honestly the easiest way to change up a space without spending loads of money or time.

You too can explore their collection here.