A home full of heart

Living | September 30th 2018

The minute you turn the key to your apartment, you breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, you’re home. And even though you come back to it every single day, the feeling of coming back to it… well, it never gets old.

But what really turns a house into a home? The answer is simple. It’s people who live in it. Your personality kind of infuses itself into the walls of your house, making it an integral part of you.   And if you’d ask Mi, she’d say it’s the little things that matter—like the souvenirs from her travels; photos depicting special stolen moments of her and Sid just after their wedding, very colour of the walls against that warm faux fur throw in her living room that she loves cuddling into after a long day.

Each pillow, the choice of curtains, the aroma of your scented candles and even the sound of your doorbell makes everything feel wholesome and complete.
Thus everything works together to create a warm, welcoming and stylish home

That’s where Interflora comes in because it gave me the opportunity to pick the perfect blooms, each one special and unique just like my mum…

And no matter where life takes you, however long or arduous the journey; this is where you will always belong.

Location: One Avighna Park