V day veggies for 2 please

Eats | August 9th 2018

Who says you need a man to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Following the lead of our favorite besties Mi and Su, this year—they celebrated the much-hyped V-day with some fresh greens and a whole lot of unadulterated love.

They spiced up their date with an eclectic menu at an all-vegetarian gourmet restaurant in Mumbai. From a scrumptiously plated entree to a tempting array of desserts, the date was accented with a dash of bubbly and an ode to their undying friendship. The restaurant had blended traditional Indian flavors with ingredients native to Italian, Japanese and Sri Lankan cuisines among other inspirations. And this resulted in an all-new trend in the fine-dining landscape of the country.

Sadly now, this restaurant is permanently closed, but it did spark a trend as well as pique our interest with its signature vegetarian dishes.

More and more people are cutting down or permanently giving up non-veg now with the industrialization of the meat industry; MI herself gave up red and white meat over two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Hopefully, we see more all veg gourmet restaurant spring up to pave the way for a more humane tomorrow.