Sweets for her sweets

SU's wedding invites couldn't get any sweeter if she tried

Eats | May 15th 2018

Attending other people’s weddings puts a lot of pressure on you to do things right (preferably better) when it comes to your own wedding. Everyone is so creative nowadays so the bar is already set rather high. Like all brides, Su wanted to do something different for her wedding favours. And she was going crazy google-ing and basically setting up camp on Pinterest.

Time is a friend to no man and as the big day drew ever closer, she realised she had to act fast to get something fun and elegant. Soon after—praise the lord—she came across the wedding vertical of Papabubble. She was more than relieved to see their fresh take on customised wedding favours because this was exactly what she was looking for. For those of you who don’t know; Papabubble is a customisable candy brand from Barcelona and they make the cutest, most delicious candies you’ll come across in Bombay.

The best part is that they let you get as hands-on as you like to ensure the candies emulate the couple’s personalities. You can do customized lollipops or even go for their wicked rock candy. You can get really creative—have your hashtags on these sugar pops, your initials/names or even any design elements, like a heart or a ring for that matter.

But honestly, more than anything, they’re really tasty. The fruity candies come in different flavours, each better than the other. So overall, we’d say that they made for the perfect wedding favours to send with invites, laying the way for more magic that was yet to come.