Going KOKO

What’s new on the menu?

Eats | January 22nd 2019

When you follow the MISU girls, you’d think, “How is it even possible to look this good and stay in shape all year round?” Your first guess would be, “These girls surely starve!” Being on the inside, let us break it to you, “These girls can EAT!” If you’ve been following them for a while you’d know, they live to eat and Asian food is a particular favorite of theirs. And being creatures of habit, latest their latest obsession is the new menu at KOKO.

Whether you are a vegetarian, a pescatarian or a die hard meat eater; the new menu at KOKO has something to fall in love with. The dishes are well thought out and delicious with explosions of flavor only the mad geniuses in the KOKO kitchen can cook up..

The Singapore inspired Hainanese Chicken Rice served with a garlic chilli dip, the Cantonese Tenderloin Rice Bowl and the Char Kuay Teow—a vegetarian version of the Malaysian classic is what really stood out for all of us at HOM.
Oh and how can we forget the Soya Bean Fragrant Rice and the Silken Tofu Rice Bowl. The lunch is pre-fixed and you can tuck into dim sums, sushi, homemade miso soup, Asian salad and a KOKO house dessert.

To wet your palette further, the gastropub has also launched some exquisitely ingenious cocktails inspired by different cultures with mixologists from around Asia putting their creative prowess to the test, The famous Yao Lu from The Union Trading Company, Shanghai, Lukas Kaufman from 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore and in-house mixologist Dimi Lezinska have worked on some wonderful cocktails to add to the menu. We totally recommend the South China Iced Tea as well as Black Mail.

KOKO is buzzing (quite literally) with these seriously spirited concoctions. And team MISU is definitely going to head back for more.