Cape Town with ARSU

Breaking bread in C-Town

Eats | August 15th 2018

How do you feel when you chance upon that stray 500 rupee note in an old purse. Or for that matter, finding your favourite dessert parlour open overnight down the street. Nothing compares to these effortless finds because they that pure feeling of unexpected pleasure is without compare.

So when Su stepped out to explore the city of Cape Town during her honeymoon—stomach grumbling—she and Arnav upon a cozy little café just outside their Airbnb. The chance encounter reminded them of just this feeling. As you know, SU has a sweet tooth like no other so she obviously ordered a cup of velvety hot chocolate with a side carrot cake. This moment right here solidified their love affair with Cape Town.

The coastal city had an easy going vibe to it, littered with a variety of cafes at every bend, a foodies dream come true!

This is mostly why Cape Town and ARSU got along so well! Since they are suckers for mid-day snacking, cold brews and really all things delicious.