Will you be my Bridesmaid ?

Some boxes are better than others

Bride    September 5th 2018

The date was set and a kaleidoscope butterflies had made a permanent home in Su’s tummy. But her attention was still keenly set on the details. As time zipped onwards towards the most beautiful day of her life so far, she wanted to ensure that she did not over look her bridesmaid invitations, which just so happen to be the first impression your best girls will have of your wedding. It had to have an essence of her, the to-be-hubby… and the love that they shared.

While this was Su’s vision but she knew that Outhouse could conjure it into existence for her.

And may we say, they did it with such flair. She customized special bridesmaid proposal boxes for her favourite girls with Outhouse jewellery to compliment their outfits.

Her bridesmaid card had a gorgeous quote ” And I choose you in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I will find you and I will choose you.”

All the magic was sealed in with a pink wax stamp. What truly tied it all together was the perfect calligraphy draped over every page. It held a deep sense of old-world charms and the beauty of fairytale weddings. She had it all planned in her head. But she had never expected to see it all unfold so beautifully.

From brainstorming to execution to presentation, it was all handled professionally—even exceeded hers and all our expectations. Take a bow, Outhouse.

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