White Magic

SU’s wedding floral decor

Bride    November 3rd 2018

The day had finally arrived, after all the planning, brainstorming and daydreaming- I was getting married! My heart was beating a mile a minute and I couldn’t wait to reach the venue and see all those months of planning come to life .

The minute I got out off the car, I saw the sumptuous entrance and breathed a sigh of relief. My dream had come to life. An elegant arch welcomed us with a white vintage bicycle standing sentinel by the entrance- preparing guests for what’s to come.

Interflora had spun a spell of white magic across Tote where fresh / fragrant white flowers artfully embellished the space. But my personal favorites were the garlands, made with fragrant white roses and paired with pearls.

Everything wasdesigned and executed flawlessly and they managed to take the airy, pastel day décor into the night with some crafty changes for my reception.

The attention to detail was phenomenal and all the flowers used were exquisite to behold. The florists they had working onmy décor were trained to handle high quality flowers, which require extra care.

The decor looked as magical by night as it did in the day as all the flowers stayed fresh and full and I had no unwelcome surprises to deal with -which is basically every brides dream.

We had no glitches whatsoever and Interflora surprised me with flawless execution, from the time I walked in as Ms Patni to the time I walked out as Mrs Shah.