SU’s Pastel Wedding

Bride    November 3rd 2018

Like so many little girls before me ; I too romanticized about my wedding. However, the way I imagined things to play out as a child wasn’t exactly how my actual wedding was because 12 year old SU was way too into neons .

I wanted everything in a soft palette, like a fairytale wedding and when I catch myself re watching my wedding videos, it feels like I dreamt it all.

Even as I write, I can’t stop humming the tune of #thebigmisuwedding video!
It’s so rare that your reality surpasses your imagination and that’s what happened for me.

The Sunday I finally became Mrs Shah was unforgettable. There were white roses in pretty little boxes sitting by the aisle, glowing in the sunlight. I wore a powder blue Gown and everything was drenched in pastels including my bridesmaids—from periwinkle to lavender, milky yellows to cool mints. No brownie points for guessing the designer they wore because who does pastels better than Payal Singhal?!

I was impressed with the way she weaved my vision into every ensemble and when my girls came together to walk me down the aisle, they looked absolutely ethereal.