Simply Pink

Fuss free princess

Bride    August 23rd 2018

Do you remember the gorgeous Arwen from the Lord of the Rings. The minute she rode onto the screen, I fell in love with her almost as instantly as Aragorn. Her long, flowing gowns, surreal skin and no make-up look—she looked ethereal.

Over the years, MI and SU have developed a major thing for minimalism and whoever said less is more, really knew what they were talking about.

In addition to girl-crushing on fictional elf princesses, MI decided to channel her inner Arwen with this blush pink floor-length gown along with this simple yet timeless ensemble. Thus embracing the power of simplicity. The outfit looked fresh and elegant at the same time—ideal for that Indian Summer.

MI injected this fuss-free princess-like look with a modern-day twist courtesy the Michael Kors glitter sling bag for that 21st-century zing.