PS. I love you!

Bride    December 7th 2018

The most daunting part about selecting Indian-wear for the season is finding looks that not only look fantastic but also always feel comfortable. More often than not wearing Indian clothing feels like you have wrapped yourself in a blanket of tiny needle that weigh more than you do.
Other times, getting dressed can seem needlessly stressful because of all the draping and pinning that has to be done to keep things in place.

Some designers are brilliant at eliminating all these issues while still staying stylish like one of our all time favourites; Payal Singhal.
Her collection is a blend of romantic, sultry silhouettes with a dash of strong, structured pieces. Everything oozes feminity. Not only are these looks versatile, they also have the power to make quite a statement no matter the occasion.

We were so honored to have got a chance to play dress up with her collection and get featured in (and on) her magazine !

For all the times that we’ve played dress-up together, this one will always be special.
PS GIRLS for life!!

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