Jewels that come out of your closet

Wear your legacy with pride!

Bride    December 5th 2018

Some of the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery in your mum’s safe can be put to use more often than you can imagine; but only if you give them that chance to come out of the closet. Traditional jewellery no longer needs an occasion to be worn.

A traditional silver set can look ever so lovely with a simple ruffled outfit for a destination mehendi. You can also make a stack of vintage gold bangles go with almost any outfit for a haldi ceremony. Why not wear your mum’s Kundan earrings with an evening Indo- Western gown with your hair swept back and sleek?

We petition that you treat the more delicate and small jewels as fairly as your everyday wear trinkets and studs. It’s always good to mix it up and have some fun. Even if it means wearing your favourite jhumkas with a pair of jeans or brushing the dust off mum’s vintage chokers for a formal brunch, you’ve got to make some bold choices with your traditional jewels.

We like to wear our legacy with pride because why should style be straitjacketed by all these rules and restrictions. True style is a cocktail of who we are and where we come from. Maybe that’s what the modern woman stands for!!

XOXO Team Misu