Brunch Like A Bridesmaid

For the love of appetizers and stylish Indian wear

Bride    August 23rd 2018

With every passing year, people are getting ever so creative about hosting their weddings. But the downside to this is the number offunctions in each wedding. B-town has a lot todo with this—you canblame iton Yash Raj. The list of required functions just keeps ongrowing and we need to start getting creative with our wedding wardrobes in order to keep up.

I mean, it’s just good manners to attend that pre engagement brunch hosted by the bride’s third cousin……… right !?Payal Singhal’s interpretation of the Dhoti pant saree has all the bells and whistles needed to look statement enough for a wedding function while staying in the comfort zone so you don’t feel burdened or cranky about having to doll up again and again and again.

And if you’vegotto be a bridesmaid, comfort isas important asstyle. The ivory tones paired with silver detailing elevates this PSlook that SU hason while the divine draping lets you shovel down asmany mini quiches as your heart desires without fearing bulge!In order to give this look that finishing touch, SU decided to pair itwith pieces from the MISUx ShazeStellar Collection.

Minimal and chic, you don’t want to overdo the jewellery at someone else’s wedding now, do you? Or worse—be mistaken for the bride. And with this, you’llbe all set to brunch like a bridesmaid. You can thank us later! 😉