Born to Shine

Nobody can resist the sparkle of diamonds

Bride    December 4th 2018

We all have a thing for bling—whether we accept it or not. As a kid, I remember being drawn towards spanking new toys. Who doesn’t have a soft corner for shiny new things? Turns out that we are still quite obsessed it. The only difference is that adulthood has made us replace the toys with jewels.

But what makes it more interesting is that whether old or new, the sparkle of a diamond has a way of enchanting you just like those toys. It’s our go-to hack to instantly turn into a glitterati. And on the plus side—it glams up any outfit with zero effort. Just slip on a chunky diamond ring, have some fun with emeralds and rubies and you’ll find that you’re accessorising yourself with confidence. That’s what we do to spruce up a look

Let’s face it, nobody can resist the sparkle of a diamond. So don’t just be momentarily entranced by it, go ahead and flaunt it at the next party. You’ll find yourself basking in the limelight… and then some more.