When you find your perfect scent


Beauty | August 9th 2018

Is it just us or do you also feel like every fragrance comes with a feeling? While it does bring back memories, it also intensifies certain emotions. Some have fruity notes that make you feel like the girl next door—coy, fresh and blooming like spring. Others have a deep, woody scent that lingers around making you feel like an earthy Goddess straight out of the Egyptian history books.

In our hunt for that special new fragrance, we chanced upon Splendida Iris d’Or by Bvlgari. This perfume is basically confidence in a bottle. It’s got a hypnotic mélange of floral woody musk that caught our fancy. Its strong, sensual notes and the sense of independence that came with it intrigued us. It’s literally like an elixir for the bold, independent woman of today.

When you find your perfect scent, you wear it like a coat of arms because it becomes your signature. It works with your skin to create a scent, which no one can reproduce.

What do you feel like when you spray on your own perfume….