Too glam to give a damn

Bold and beautiful

Beauty | August 24th 2018

Makeup has been around for as long as human beings have, whether it was a smudge of pomegranate juice across the cheeks or streak of actual crushed coal under the eyes; women and men alike have always found a way to enhance or hide their features.

There was even a time when it was as acceptable for men to wear makeup as it was for women, the French leading the way.

Then why is it that we still get flack for loving, hoarding and wearing makeup?

If I had a Rupee for the number of times I have been lectured or schooled about the harms or unnecessary-ness of makeup I would have enough money to buy the whole of Sephora.

Rebelling against those haters we have created two looks for you like-minded darlings.

SU rocking the rebel Blue cat eye which can take her from a night of wreckage to an elegant soiree with her ladies. The key is the angled brush and a steady hand. If you do not have an angled brush you can get a pen and if you do not have a steady hand, we recommend the scotch tape trick. What makes this makeup so versatile is the addition of light gold shadow on the lids, thus softening the edginess. When your eye makeup looks so wicked, you want it to be the focal point so she opted for a subtle nude lip.

I went for a more classic look with a copper eye shadow and a smudgey , smokey kohl finish on the eye lid and under the eye. This look is ever so classic and works beautifully with Indian as well as elegant western ensembles. I would avoid an upper and lower lip kohl look on a casual day because I am more of a minimalist with my makeup but eliminate the kohl and this toasty copper shade is a gorgeous shadow for a casual day. Again, because I am of the less is more mindset, I kept the lips light and simple but you can add a dark lip for a formal look. A deep red or burgundy would look divine.

A tub load of mascara is a no-brainer and your ready to rule the day.

We will continue to share some of our favorite makeup looks with you guys and if there is anything, in particular, you would like to see remember to get in touch!