The scent of the new woman

We blur the gender lines

Beauty | August 9th 2018

Let the road blur under your wheels as you accelerate towards a world full of boss babes and gender neutral opportunities. Let’s face it, sexual fluidity is the trend of the hour. And women are no more passing the buck—they’re earning it.

Power hungry and ready to lead the way, there’s so much we’re hustling for. Without sheer hard work, and perseverance there’s not much you can do. But once that’s on the cards, success is on it too. And with every achievement, we make sure to leave behind a divine trail of scented breeze: while the wolrd wonders how we did it. That’s how we roll and make our presence felt.

Sorry ‘Guys’ the women of today don’t break, they bounce back; rearing against the outdated patriarchal society. We’re gearing up with the strong scents of an empowered today, which will lead to a better tomorrow. We’re in the driving seat using masculine fragrances and making waves. Are you ready to ride with us on our journey to freedom!? The choice is yours. The future is ours.