Sunshine Eyes

Beauty | September 30th 2018

Let’s pick up where we left off. Su took a softer, more subtle route with her eye makeup ; inspired by those buttery French sunsets.

She kept the skin luminous by using a little bit of foundation mixed with sunscreen and MAC strobe cream to enhance that glow. While you might think that this make up look seems daunting to execute; on the contrary, the right products make this easy yet statement and totally achievable! It’s been a favorite on and off the runways and since the girls were hitting the streets of Paris, it was absolutely fitting for Su to give this runway trend her own sweet little touch.

She used the Huda Electric palette to give her eyes a sweep of colour — blending the golden – yellow inner eyelids with a rosy gradient, some mascara and a sharp winged eye liner. A touch of violet blended into the lower eyelash line makes the look more feminine and fairy like.

Her lips were stained with a pretty Au Naturel pink and she perked up her skin for that luminous look with the generous use of the Huda highlighter palette in Pink Sands. Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it? When we first saw it, it sure did inspire us to whip out our make-up kits. Which holiday make-up look did you vibe with? Mi’s or Su’s?
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