Make up and Make believe

Be the best version of yourself

Beauty | August 10th 2018

Some little girls play dress up whilst imaging themselves in their bridal splendor, the center of all attention on their wedding day. I, on the other hand, liked to play dress up imaging myself all grown up like my mum, taking on all the challenges of the world like a bad-ass babe.
Our respective child hoods were rife with games of make believe and whenever we could sneak into our individual mothers’ makeup drawers, those games got a lot more colorful.

I especially loved mums lipsticks because they smelt delicious and always made me feel like an elegant woman of worth. It was my mothers’ signature look, a clean, glowing face, pale shimmery shadow and plump red lips- a classic beauty.

SU’s mums signature look was her rosy cheeks, deep pink cupid bow pout and lashes that reached the stars- like a movie star.

I can still picture myself, lurking outside my parents’ bedroom waiting for them to step out for the day so I could explore the vanity and just for that moment be glamorous like mum.

Today we still strive to be the best version of ourselves and makeup does play a role in it but what has changed however is that we know that true value lies in our deeds and intentions more than our appearance.