Kiss and Tell

Masaba x Lakme

Beauty | August 24th 2018

Pout. Pucker. Speak. Smile. Your kissable lips can either start a conversation or leave the world speechless. As you might have heard, a lipstick in your purse is better than 10 at home. Just a light dab of it can get you ready for an impromptu meeting, an unfortunate run-in with your ex or help you go from work mode to date night with bae without hassle.

The cardinal rule: always carry lipstick, more than one if possible.

Lately, we’ve been very intrigued by the delicious Candy Land Masaba x Lakme matte lipsticks. They’re like a piece of all our childhoods in makeup form. It’s themed around the nostalgic 90s with a set of 10 lip-smacking colors AND FLAVORS. From a shade of luscious Hot Chocolate to the fiery Sugar-n-Spice, the delectable Bubble Pink to the dreamy Cotton Candy..! These delicious shades make you want to hoard or flaunt them.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from the ten vibrant colors but we can safely say that the bold and fiery purple Role-a-Cola is our winner. The candy which compelled MI and her brother to hide under the bed where they stored their smuggled candy stash to count and cuddle it like addicts. They went through a very big Role-a-Cola phase back then and apparently her tongue was almost always black.

If that’s not enough, the packaging is so darn cute. But one reason why these lipsticks are extra special is because they remind us of our school days, full of phantom cigarettes and orange popsicles. Nothing beats nostalgia and reminiscing of the good ol’ days!