Get up and glow

At the Beach with Bobbi Brown

Beauty | May 19th 2018

There is nothing quite like that post-vacation glow don’t you agree?

SU and I tend to catch color fairly swiftly and given the amount of beach trips we took in 2017, we got quite comfortable with the dusky, gold new complexion we seem to have developed.

To truly do justice to this complexion, you don’t need many tools because the trick is to enhance, not cover up.

A light dusting of compact over a moisturized face followed by a sweep of shimmery bronzing powder can go a long way.  One of my secret glow-fast tricks is a dollop of Strobe Cream from Mac mixed into my moisturizer.

Depending on your skin tone, pick a lipstick, which compliments rather than stands out starkly. Something with an orang-y base would look gorgeous against tan skin but keep in mind that a lipstick which may look a certain way on me would look totally different on SU because of our skin tones so try on multiple shades before picking the perfect one.

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is a wonderful product and comes in multiple shades. I am lenient to the Bronze Brick while SU prefers Pink Quartz.

Learn to embrace your tan rather than hide it because nothing makes you glow harder than some
Vitamin D