Dermafique Bio Cellulose Face Masque

The quickest way to glow

Beauty | February 12th 2021

This may shock many of you but the truth is that I have never really been one for fussy beauty regimes. I rarely step into a parlor and my time is better spent with my family or getting through my endless list of work. Face masks have become something of a cult favorite in my house because they manage to pack in a massive amount of hydration in a short amount of time. This is especially perfect when you’re traveling or before a night out. I rely heavily on masks before date night because I don’t like to put on too much makeup so my skin needs to glow naturally.

But it wasn’t always such smooth sailing for me – most masks just didn’t fit right on my small face and it took some trial and error before I chanced upon the Dermafique Bio-Cellulose Face Masque.

What makes this mask better than your regular Joe Sheet masks…. well I’m glad you asked. It fits the contours of your face brilliantly and it adheres to your skin without sliding down or tearing. The Biodegradable Bio-Cellulose fibers with which it is made has the power to hold a substantial amount of serum and can deliver all this goodness into your skin. The best part of all is that these masks are not only made from Bio-Degradable Bio-Cellulose fibers but also Made from 100% Natural Coconut Water.

They come in 3 varieties: –

1. The Charcoal Masque which helps reduce the terrible effects of pollutants on one’s skin by deep cleaning and unclogging the pores.

2. The Pore Tightening Masque which helps to tighten pores, hydrate and detoxify one’s skin leaving it smooth and supple.

3. The Tone Perfecting Masque which helps reduce uneven skin tone while reducing the appearance of blemishes and dark spots.

All the masks fit like a second skin making them far more user-friendly. With one of these masks on you can be rushing around the house without running the risk of it slipping off. The Charcoal Masque is one of my favorites and at 299/- it’s a very convenient way of getting my skin glowing.

Pro Tip- Use your Bio Cellulose mask right after your shower so your pores are open and ready to absorb all the serum.