Be your own fairy god mother

Bobbi brown retouching wand

Beauty | May 15th 2018

On long, jam-packed work days I wish we had our own in-house fairy Godmother who could just wave her sparkly wand over the imperfections that pop up on our faces through the course of the day. Wouldn’t that be spectacular; at the wave of her wand the redness, creases, and under eye shadows would just melt away.

Drum roll please ……. Turns out you can have a magic wand of your very own!!

The Bobbi Brown retouching wand is pigmented enough to cover those pesky early morning dark circles and can be used throughout the day to fix whatever imperfections the day may throw your way (face related only of course, the retouching wand cannot fix an obstinate Uber driver or a traffic jam).

So, whether its red spots on a hot day, creases caused by oily skin, or marks and discoloration, this is a beautifully versatile product that fits right into your purse.

Retouching Wand by Bobbi Brown

Photographed by Tiana Kamte