A Taste for Wine

Ready to rule the world

Beauty | August 10th 2018

Before we even have the chance to speak a word, the choices we make while getting ready already speaks volumes about our personalities.
Everything from the way we shape our eyebrows to the color of our lipstick sends out signals to those we interact with.
SU and I are both partial to nudes (the color being understated, versatile and chic) as you all know; but once in a while, we do like to unleash a more passionate side of ourselves.

Have you ever had a moment where you put on a new pair of stilettos or a fierce outfit and felt invincible? Like you could do anything including finally work up the courage to talk to that cute guy at work or face your X at a party.
That’s exactly what happens when I put on Wine Red lipstick, I feel bold and sensual. There is great power in a dark lipstick so take your time and find the perfect shade for you.

Whenever you do opt for a super dark lip, remember to keep the rest of the makeup subtle or you make look like a Kabuki actor (Japanese theatre involving crazy makeup and masks). Go easy on the eyeshadow, keeping the colors neutral rather than bright. Lay off the bright red/pink rouge and opt instead for a bronzer and highlighter.
Pair that with a sleek hairdo + fierce outfit and you are ready to rule the world.