5 tricks to keep your skin looking fresh

Beat the heat

Beauty | December 6th 2018

Only in Mumbai will you find yourself looking up at the sun and wondering when winter will come. The truth is, our dearest Bombay is literally, quite the hottie. And it doesn’t help that there is absolutely no respite from its heat and (how can we forget)—the pollution and constant humidity.

But all’s not lost if you are ready to switch up your beauty regime. Trust MI and SU to give you some beauty inspo as the temperatures in the bay stay put. Here’s what you will find them carrying around to battle the heat.

1.Invest in the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It sets your make-up well and leaves you looking radiant in the sun.

2. Always keep a pack of blotting paper in your bag as you set out for the day. Dabbing your T-zone with it not only absorbs the oil but it leaves your make-up untouched.

3.Mix your moisturiser with your foundation so that you do not have to apply layers of products on your skin. Leave it light to counter the heat. MI uses the NARS Regular Tinted Moisturiser while SU uses the Matte version of the same.

4. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is another important product in your vanity case while dressing up this fall.

5. Keep away from heavy make up and tint your cheeks with either a lip tint of blush to bring some colour to your face. A favourite with the girls is the Bene Tint and Shue Mura lip and cheek stain